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Marie-Eve Lussier

NaturEden Marie-Eve Lussier

Marie-Eve Lussier designs her projects in the heart of a traditional homestead from the Victorian era, nestled in the valley of West Bolton. She discovered the property and its charming scenic backdrop by chance while researching the area for an architectural project in the Eastern Townships. Marie-Eve Lussier fell in love with the region and, in the early 2000s, decided it was the perfect place to make her home and creative workplace. Generous, lively and colourful, the landscape designs created by Marie-Eve Lussier and her team harmonize wonderfully with the natural environment and transition beautifully with the changing seasons.


Having grown up on a farm, Marie-Eve Lussier is completely at home in nature and wide open spaces. As a young child, she could recite the Latin names of all the perennials in the flower beds tended by her grandmother, who was passionate about English gardens. With an interest in architecture, Marie-Eve earned a college diploma with distinction in natural sciences, as well as a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from the Université de Montréal, and studied residential architecture as an exchange student. Marie-Eve Lussier began her career as a landscape architect with her first firm, Mel Design, moving ahead one project at a time in the fast-paced Montreal area. In 2006, her garden entry in the International Flora exhibition captured the Prix Coup de Coeur, voted “favourite entry” by the public. With business booming, Marie-Eve Lussier put together a team and founded Création NaturEden.

The stunning landscape of the Eastern Townships provide the inspiration and sets the stage for the landscape architect and her colleagues. For more than 20 years, Marie-Eve Lussier and her team have been shaping each garden to blend with the natural features of the land, the uniqueness of the landscape and the wishes of their clients. Each carefully planned landscape design highlights shapes and colours that reflect the people who live in them. NaturEden relies on nature as its source of inspiration to create naturally flowing designs.

Team presentation

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Khadidja Arkoub
Landscape architecture technician

Khadidja has an unmatched eagerness to learn. From the moment she arrived, she has been able to learn our software and use our surveying tools at a rapid pace. Her organization and memory are such that she knows exactly where each project she is working on is at and she easily remembers the specifics of each one.

Her background in architecture brings knowledge and skills that complement NaturEden brilliantly. The entire team knows that she is a person to be reckoned with, especially when working on drawings where her attention to detail is put to good use to better serve you. You may have the chance to meet her, total station in hand, when the time comes to take the measurements of your property.


Julie Longpré

Julie is known for her integrity, communication skills, customer satisfaction, planning and organizational skills. Her professional experiences have allowed her to develop a solid expertise in administrative support and customer service. That's why you can be assured that when you call NaturEden, you are in very good hands.

Her personal values are obviously linked to those of the company. In particular, she places great importance on respect for resources and the beauty of what nature so generously offers us. Her place on the team was immediately appreciated.


Charles-Antoine Lauzon
Technologue en architecture

Charles-Antoine brings to work his enthusiasm and professionalism. He has many years of experience in floristry, has completed his studies to become an Architectural Technologist, and is pursuing a degree in Architecture at University. Needless to say, he is an important technical asset to NaturEden.


His teammates appreciate him for his sense of cooperation, his thirst for learning and his speed of assimilation. Whether it is to take field surveys, draw landscaping plans or improve our plant bank, he does not hesitate to do his best to make an impeccable job. His innate sense of aesthetics, his attention to detail and his appreciation for nature make him the perfect candidate for the job.

Our collaborators

Contractors - Landscaping

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Aquatic environment

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