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Here are the four services we offer for residential projects.


Landscape planning

The first step in drawing up a new design plan is setting up a consultation with you. First, we visit your site with you, carefully inspecting and identifying its unique features and finding out what your needs and likes are so that we can create a landscape design tailored to you. Next, we take a detailed inventory of the site, which includes taking photos and soil measurements, conducting analyses and assessing slopes and sunlight. We use all of this information to make the preliminary plans, carefully identifying the designs and plants that would thrive on your site. The next step is where you get involved in the creative process: we go over the preliminary plans together to make sure that you are satisfied with every detail. Once we have your stamp of approval, we give you the final design plan and, if you would like, a project work plan for your new landscape. And the last step? Enjoy your long-awaited dream landscape!

Macro planning


The macro plan is pivotal for determining the overall concept for your landscape design, including the location of existing and future structures, as well as any pathways that lead from one space to another. We will give you a detailed plan with a summary description of all issues pertaining to water flow, drainage, slopes and pathways, so that you can carry out the project in phases and make sure that everything is properly planned and falling into place perfectly. NaturEden also adds a plantation design plan to provide a framework for your landscape, with trees and themes that match the various elements in your garden. We use this same approach to meet the needs of landscaping projects for new homes in the country. A landscape architect can play a key role in maximizing sunlight and views from your future home.

Water management planning


If the site of your future home is on a steep slope or near a stream or river, it is imperative that, before digging the foundations, you establish a soil and water management plan. NaturEden can plan and provide you with all the necessary documents and relevant information so that you can protect the natural environment and lessen the impact of the construction. We provide you with detailed plans for water management and levelling, as well as a file with all of the project’s environmental mitigation measures. For shoreline properties, NaturEden designs waterfront landscaping that protects the shoreline from erosion and creates beautiful spaces with long-blooming perennials.

Project management

En tant que firme d’architecture de paysage, nous sommes les mieux placés pour construire votre aménagement paysager puisque nous avons planifié chaque détail avec vous par des plans détaillés. Nous avons une passion pour le travail bien fait selon les règles de l’art, une grande rigueur dans l’application de nos plans et surtout une créativité qui se poursuit lors de la mise en œuvre de nos conceptions. Nous nous engageons personnellement avec nos clients et les équipes de travail à réaliser seulement les plus beaux et les plus solides aménagements paysagers. Des aménagements paysager qui s’harmonisent avec leur contexte et gagnent en maturité rapidement. Notre plus grande fierté réside dans l’harmonie qui se dégage des paysages que nous avons créés alors qu’ils semblent avoir toujours été ainsi.


Other services