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As the proud daughter of farmers, I have walked agricultural land at length since childhood. Landscapes are part of my roots and enhancing them through landscape architecture has become a natural progression. Skillfully designing projects to combine the beauty of landscapes with the functionality of hobby farms and exceptional estates are the best creative challenges. This is especially true when we are developing large rural properties, where the constraints of maintenance, circulating with animals and machinery dictate some of the comings and goings. Who said that pastures only had to be rigid rectangles, that straight paths were more practical and that manicured gardens were the only ones worthy of interest? With a thorough analysis and reflection on the strengths of your natural landscapes combined with the realization of your dream setting, we create distinctive rural landscapes that are just as pleasant for you to live in as they are to cultivate.

Marie-Eve Lussier

Landscape Architect & founder of NaturEden

La terre Bowker, a rural estate that we have contributed to designing the landscape. A gourmet experience in a magnificent scenery!

Terre Bowker - A gourmet experience in Warden in Estrie!

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