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Ancre 1


Ancestral Farm, Meadow Creek Farm

Located in the beautiful municipality of West Bolton and criss-crossed by Durrell Creek, this 1850s Loyalist farmhouse is known as 'Meadow Creek Farm'. The horses that roam the 14 acres of pasture have shaped the property's functional layout. The estate's landscape architecture was thoughtfully designed to open up access for horses to the various pastures, facilitate access for maintenance, create hiking trails through the hilly topography while harmonizing access to the two residences, the stable and the various accessory buildings. The architecture of the various buildings has been skilfully enveloped by a studied arrangement of vegetation that adds elegance and distinction. Each window now opens onto a landscape, with the horses in the background. The thoughtful addition of more than a hundred native trees and thousands of shrubs and perennials now offer a multi-layered natural biodiversity that delights the local wildlife.

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