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Ancre 1
Champ de blé


Sunny glade

To complement this new residence's unique architectural style, beds of various ornamental grasses intermingle with islands of shrubbery to lend a natural softness to the strong lines of the architecture. The curves of the topography have been softened by a few trees and ground-covering shrubs that envelop the natural stone retaining wall. The main access to the residence is formed by the curve of a river pebble driveway, bordered by a row of pavers ending in a checkerboard of large rectangular slabs, creating a permeable surface that follows the lines of the residence. The courtyard facilitates communication between the various living spaces of the residence and becomes a refuge to soak up the sun, much to the delight of the vegetable plants that grow in cedar planters sheltered from the wind. The sobriety of the layout opens up views of the mature forest that surrounds the property with its soothing ambience.

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